“This technology is particularly exciting for young girls and those with compact or fibrocystic breasts because mammography isn’t usually usefull in these types of scenarios.  The”wait and watch” and”return at a year” is no more acceptable” states Mary Kubisewsky, Clinic Director of Thermography Clinic Kitchener Inc., herself a breast cancer Survivor. Mary Kubisewsky currently devoting her life to be more proactive and take charge of their health breast health and renowned 5 years cancer free in November/09.
Thermography is used net in breast cancer risk evaluation and breast feeding heath test! Thermography doesn’t replace standard detection procedures, but when utilized as a multi-modal approach (clinical evaluation, thermography, mammography), peer reviewed research have proven that 95 percent of early stage breast cancer can be discovered! *

Breast Thermography has been researched for more than 30 decades, and more than 800 studies exist at the index-medicus. Studies can be 8 times more important than a first order family history of this illness and demonstrate that: A infared picture is the one most important marker of high risk for breast cancer. A abnormal thermogram carries a risk of breast cancer.

“Composed by Dr. Alexander Mostovoy www.thermographyclinic.comScience Articles, filed by Dr. Cynthia Simmons”

“Composed by Dr. Alexander Mostovoy www.thermographyclinic.com, filed by Dr. Cynthia Simmons”
Early detection is crucial, but avoidance is vital!
Together with Medical Breast Thermography, advanced infrared cameras paired using complex computer applications, detect, assess and create high-resolution pictures of those temperature and vascular alterations. Indications of cancer or cell development could be evident through threat assessment MANYyears before being detected using any process by analyzing these changes.
Medical Breast Thermography is a FDA approved (since 1982) compression and radiation free process that images the breasts to help in early threat assessment for breast cancer.

The process relies upon the principle that chemical and blood vessel activity in the region surrounding a breast cancer and both pre-canceroustissue is nearly always greater than in the breast.
Recommended that girls continue to track breast health unless otherwise indicated, and do a thermography picture in the age 25.

Because it’s estimated that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, we have to use every way possible to find cancers in which there’s the best chance for survival!
* Amula W. An overview of breast thermography. Available on the internet:

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